Pilates Team

Charlotte Farrant - Pilates Teacher and Owner


Charlotte had a successful career as a dancer, model, actress and presenter before she started teaching Pilates. Once she stopped dancing to have children, her back started to play up.so she saw Peter Butcher  for Physiotherapy, this was when they first met  20+ years ago. He emphasized to her the importance of correct posture and how strong core muscles help to support the back. There began her interest in Pilates . Charlotte qualified as a Pilates Mat Work Teacher in May 2002 with the Pilates Institute. Starting with one class a week in St Augustine’s church hall, the demand quickly built up to 11 classes. The Body Junction opened June 2006 with Peter Butcher joining to make The Body Junction. Extension work was carried out in 2017 which provides 2 therapy rooms and a small studio.

“I love teaching and seeing the change in people,movement is so vital and Pilates really works if taught right, so we have a great team of teachers doing just that! “

Jen Piper - Pilates Teacher


Jen trained as a dancer, graduating from Middlesex University in 1998 with BA (hons) degree in Dance Studies, it was during this time she had her first introduction to the Pilates technique. It was an integral and invaluable part of her dance training and to what she says owes to an injury free body. After leaving University she returned to T.Wells which is where she began teaching dance and fitness classes. Once qualified as a Pilate Instructor she knew immediately that she has a passion for teaching and technique. Jen has gained enviable experience which she brings to each class. Her bright and breezy approach to her teaching, and emphasis to technical details makes her class fun. Her personal goal is to liberate your body so that it can perform daily tasks with ease..

Mel Feery - Pilates Teacher


Mel has worked in the leisure industry for 30+ years, her interest being sparked by the building of a leisure centre at her secondary school. She worked in a variety of Sussex Leisure Centres working her way up to Centre Manager and obtaining an Upper Second (Hons) Degree in Leisure Management. Mel became interested in group exercise and qualified in Exercise to Music. She started teaching group exercise classes at Summerfields where she continues to teach today. Mel soon became interested in Pilates and qualified as a Pilates Instructor and started teaching in Hastings and with us at The Body Junction.

Sarah Warner - Pilates Teacher


Sarah has been teaching classes in the Bexhill area since 1997 and joined us in 2011. Besides a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Science and an advanced certificate in education , Sarah holds qualifications in Pilates; Yoga; Tai Chi; Total Barre; Stability Ball; Nutrition; Massage; Aromatherapy; Kettlebells; Exercise to Music and Fitness Instruction. Sarah is a member of the Fitness Professionals Limited.

Lucy Paffard - Pilates Teacher

Lucie P 2 Headshot 2 edit 2

Lucy started Pilates initially because her mum was a Pilates teacher. She approached it with foreboding at the age of 12/13, thinking it was witch craft because no one else in her village knew what it was. And it certainly was witch craft!  When she had knee pain, or back pain, Pilates fixed it. It got her through exams, by helping her to focus and keep calm. Lucy has used it to ease and prevent aches, pains and stress ever since. After school, she did a dance degree, where Pilates was the survival tool kit.

However this was a very intense degree, and coupled with the stress of her dad passing away, she became physically and mentally fatigued, but found her way back to health by developing a more sustainable attitude to movement that focuses on de-stressing and being inspired by the bodies ability just as it is right now. She teaches Pilates to encourage mind/body connection, and feelings of well-being in the body. and has found this approach to be far more effective in creating strength.

“I’ve trained in Pilates because I want to encourage others to discover the magic in body awareness! I have also just completed my Pilates Equipment training (2021)and this had added so much to my continuing understanding and appreciation of Pilates! The Body Junction has been such an inspiring place to teach and learn.”

Daisy Oliver - Pilates Teacher


Daisy is fully certified in Dance Teacher & Pilates Instructor. IDTA & RAD Health and Wellness training includes Mat and Standing Pilates with the Physical Minds Institute, The Method, New York. She also trained in the BarrePlus Method with Sandrine Walker and later developed her own Barre Pilates method. She also holds her Level 2 Group Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Excercise and Level 1&2 Cheerleading Coach qualification. She most recently trained with Darcey Bussell in her new fitness method ‘DDMix’. She opened her Dance School ‘DaisyChain’ in 2012 which continues to thrive. After teaching in London and Tunbridge Wells, Daisy and her husband made the decision to move to Hastings and became a mummy to her lovely two girls.  She is thrilled to join the team at the Body Junction and looks forward to seeing you in class!