I started Pilates initially because my mum was a Pilates teacher. I approached it with foreboding at the age of 12/13, thinking it was witch craft because no one else I knew in our village knew what it was. And it certainly was witch craft! I felt so calm and my body felt so at ease after just 40mins. When I had knee pain, or back pain, Pilates fixed it. It got me through my exams, by helping my focus and energy levels. I’ve used it to ease and prevent aches, pains and stress ever since. After school, I did a dance degree, where Pilates was the survival tool kit.

However this was a very intense degree, and coupled with the stress of my dad passing away, I became physically and mentally fatigued. I’ve found my way back to health by developing a more sustainable attitude to movement that focuses on de-stressing and being inspired by the bodies ability just as it is right now. I teach Pilates to encourage mind/body connection, and feelings of well-being in the body. Funnily enough, I’ve also found this approach to be far more effective in creating strength than when I was stressed and constantly working hard.

I’ve trained in Pilates because I want to encourage others to discover the magic in body awareness!

With the knowledge & passion that all the staff put in, The Body Junction has been such an inspiring place to teach and learn. I look forwards to teaching one to ones Equipment Pilates having completed my teacher training 2021