Kai Gerber is a professional bodyworker and massage therapist, highly skilled and trained in the art of nurturing and healing touch. He received his training at The International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California, and has over 12 years of

experience in the massage and holistic healthcare industry. He has practiced massage and bodywork in the USA, Nicaragua, Italy and now in the UK!

Kai whole-heartedly believes in the power of healthy touch and considers himself very fortunate to be able to contribute to his clients in this way. He loves to work with people who are seeking greater levels of health, wellness and overall vitality to cooperatively explore and assist in bringing the body/mind experience to an enhanced level of freedom, joy, grace, ease, balance and comfort. This is accomplished through the application of a wide variety of physically and energetically based massage and bodywork techniques, while at all times maintaining the highest levels of partnership and communication between himself and his clients.

For appointments please call Kai on : 07940427977


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