Charlotte had a successful career as a dancer, model, actress and presenter before she started teaching Pilates. Once she stopped dancing to have children, her back started to play up.  Mr Butcher was recommended for physiotherapy, this was when they first met almost 18 years ago. He emphasized to her the importance of correct posture and how strong core muscles help support your back .   There began her interest in becoming a Pilates teacher.

Charlotte qualified as a Pilates mat work Teacher in May 2002 with the Pilates Institute. Starting with one class a week in St Augustine’s Hall the demand

quickly built up to eleven classes there. She soon realized she needed to expand, it made sense to find a studio. Charlotte and her husband bought No 3

in August 2005 and after lots of building work The Body Junction opened June 06 .  Two  of the therapy rooms are for the exclusive use of Peter Butcher,

Physiotherapist who was also looking for a new base for his  Bexhill Physiotherapy clinic. Rebecca Lunn joined us as a Physio and also teaches Pilates along with three other teachers. There are now  30 classes a week. Charlotte has continued her training in The Pilates technique using the studio

equipment, the reformer and half trapeze, and is always keen to learn more and pass it on to all her clients. Her new interest is Garuda Pilates, movements start first by isolating individual muscles, then move on to the myofascial lines they belong to. This gradual formulaic approach makes it especially effective for people with dysfunction or imbalances.